Sweet Life Coach - What do you ask in your first life coach session?

Life coach first session

The first step of discovering the power within you is deciding to get a good life coach. There may have been several reasons for your decision to get a life coach. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled with your present life, or are experiencing a sudden change in your profession or life. Whatever reason it may have been, your decision to get a life coach to guide you through your personal and professional life is life-changing.

Getting a life coach is incredible. You are excited about the next step of your life. You have booked an appointment, perhaps you found the life coach online and you have already made virtual contact through mail or a phone call. Your first session of coaching is booked and now you are wondering how you should behave, and most importantly what you should talk to your life coach about on the first session of coaching.

There are several things you could talk to your life coach about in the first coaching session. Here are the top 6 things you should consider talking to your life coach about in the first session.

6 Things to talk to your life coach about on the first session Expectations

The first session of life coaching should entail your expectations. This may be very abrupt and random but there can be no way moving forward if you do not tell your coach what you expect from their services. Tell the life coach if you are hoping for a better-paying job soon or later. Tell them if you would like an enhanced work-life balance in the long run. It could be that you want a better relationship with your children, tell them that. If you have been struggling with habits such as procrastination and poor planning, tell them you expect to be more diligent with your work by being a good time manager.

Expectations are two-way. By default, your life coach will tell you what they expect from you. Be free and ask them questions to clarify several aspects you may not understand. Since this will be the first time you will interact with coaching vocabulary, do not shy off from asking for clarification. Further, your life coach and you will mutually decide the best times to hold future sessions.


How you convey information to your people around you is a key concept in life coaching. Bring this out on the first session. Start with how your life coach would like you to convey information to them. It could be that they prefer emails to phone calls. Maybe they would rather have you leaving voice messages on their line. Get things right the first time. 

Openly tell your coach how you would like to be communicated to. If you want emails or text messages or phone calls, inform them. People have preferences and you are not any different. You and your life coach can have dissimilar preferences on modes of communication, that is okay. Discuss until you both reach a suitable method and seamlessly take your coaching sessions to the next level.

Time management

When you start having coaching sessions, your previous schedule entirely changes. You will need to fit your occasional coaching sessions in your time. This is the best time to talk about time management with your life coach.

Time management is a top concept addressed in life coaching sessions. Let your life coach take you through the effective skills you need to optimize the limited time you have. For example, if you struggle with the last-minute rush, let them know about this. Your life coach can ask you questions that will help you reflect and identify the specific skills within you that you could employ to manage your time.

Work/life balance

Work/life balance is an aspect that has challenged many people in the recent past. Addressing the work/life balance on your first session with your coach will help them know how to coach you. It also helps your coach decide when to schedule your coaching sessions. If your work/life balance is deteriorating, they may give you a few tips on how best to prioritize your life.

In this aspect, your coach can ask you questions to help you brainstorm the areas you need to work on. This being the first session, your life coach will be able to use your responses to know which areas they will need to focus on in future coaching sessions.


Self-awareness is what determines how well you relate with people at a personal and professional level. Talking about how well you know your strengths and weaknesses during the first session of coaching can be difficult. Your life coach is aware of this. To help you brainstorm, they can ask your questions to determine your current and hidden talents in establishing a stable family and work relationships.

Do not worry about the ugly blind spots you may have in your life as a whole. Your life coach is a professional who has handled multiple coachees struggling with similar issues. Life coaching itself entails you taking a path of self-rediscovery to achieve optimal success in your life.

Career Exploration

Several factors could have prompted you to seek a life coach. One of them is likely about your career life. Be free with your life coach and point out any dissatisfaction in your present career. Inform them whether or not you are happy doing your job. If you recently got fired or promoted, and that is the primary reason you sought coaching services, let them know.

Career exploration goes beyond complaining about your current career. It could be that you have been without a career since you got certified in college. Perhaps you quit your job due to unavoidable reasons. It could be that you are learning a new skill related or not related to your work.

Whatever situation you are in career-wise, inform your coach. The first session is a good avenue to air your career-related issues. This shall enable your coach to administer coaching services according to your skillset while considering your inner strengths.

Final Thoughts

First times are certain to be filled with mixed expectations and feelings. You can be anxious, nervous, and scared. You can be impatiently looking forward to your first coaching session. Beware that how you present yourself matters at this stage of your coaching life.

The questions your life coach will ask you will all be centred towards getting to know you as a person and professional. Your responses will give them a clear glimpse of your strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly, how they can effectively strategize to help you achieve your dreams. Discussing overlooked important matters such as expectations shall help the both of you be prepared to work towards making each other’s role easy. In the first session, the coach and the coachee decide on the suitable coaching

times and the frequency thereof. Do not worry too much about your first coaching session. Your life coach will help you be at ease by asking direct, simple, and reflective questions that are sure to help you on your journey to self-discovery. Use those six ideas, and you will be ready for your first life coaching session!