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Let a Life Coach Help You Stop Poor Habits You Didn’t Know You Were Doing

The unhealthy living habits that you encounter in daily life can limit the capacity to stay a healthy life, successful, and live for longer. Some of the practices that some individuals engage in without noticing have negative impacts on their lives. Eventually, the bad habits in life lead to devastating effects on your physical and mental health. Therefore, it is essential to note some of the awful life habits through the assistance of a life coach as he would help stop the poor habits.  

· Regularly checking Cell Phone at Night

Having and checking on the blue light at night can influence your sleep for up to three hours. You already know that you should get a maximum of seven to nine hours of sleeping every night. Engaging in that moratorium before you sleep can disrupt your sleep patterns every night and eventually lead to circadian rhythm instead of turning you for the night. 

Therefore, it is essential to avoid the mobile phone screen at least 20 minutes before bed and not check it at night. Significantly, sleep deprivation can occur in cases where you experience eye problems and headaches. You should avoid the device at night and first thing in the morning, but it is crucial to have blue-blocking glasses if you must. Alternatively, you may consider using night mode on the iPhone and PC while taking breaks every 20 minutes by focusing on far objects.

· Consuming Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are not the only way in which you can regulate your energy levels. The high levels of sugar and caffeine contained in the products can pose health risks to your body. Besides, misuse of the products can lead to obesity, kidney problems, fatigue, and blood pressure. Energy drinks have very high levels of caffeine and can amount up to 100 mg per ounce. Therefore, you may have to consider taking moderate amounts of coffee in extreme cases when you feel the urge for caffeine. When taking vast amounts of energy drinks, your body becomes dehydrated and could eventually lead to fatigue.

· Eating Too Much Red Meat

Having meat as part of our daily diet is essential, but too much of anything is poisonous. As much as red meat is vital in your body, taking too much has negative consequences. Impacts resulting from taking a lot of red meat are cancer relating to the esophagus, pancreases, and lungs. In extreme circumstances, red meat has links with causing cancer of breast, stomach, bladder, and prostate. Therefore, to the lovers of red meat, you should watch out for the quantity, and those who take too much of it should reduce the content. Still, it will be more beneficial for those who can cut red meat in your diet or take less than 300g of cooked meat which the body can efficiently process.

· Inconsistent Sleep Patterns

Sleeping is significant for the body; not only does it allow you to rest, but it eliminates a lot of eventualities. Lack of enough sleep can contribute to vehicle accidents and reduce your body’s immunity. Generally, sleep deprivation has negative impacts than the benefits like reduction in cognitive functionality and poor decision making. You require to set an approximate amount of time which is standard for sleeping every day by sleeping and waking up at the similar time daily. Alternatively, you can apply meditative sleeping pattern techniques. Besides, you should avoid working, watching TV, and stressing communications some minutes before bedtime.

· Convincing yourself that What You Are Worrying About will Happen

It is evident that most people worry about themselves and their life too much, and the highest percent of individuals engage in the habit without noticing. Whenever you have too much stress, your body can suffer from chronic diseases, low immunity, and heart-related diseases. Meanwhile, if you are looking forward to living a long, happy, and stress-free life, it is high time you avoid worrying about the things you expect to happen.

Everything that bothers you is just the usual thought, and it should not convince you that it must happen. Now and then, you should take some time in isolation to breathe and relax and ask yourself whether there is any logic in your worries. Therefore, you will be able to separate unnecessary conviction from reality and facts. Otherwise, if you feel the concerns are too much to control or avoid, you can prefer to reach out to a life coach who would assist in overcoming the tendency.

· Regular use of Distractors to Numb Negative Thoughts

Every time you feel bored or uncomfortable, the world will always offer you a wide array of distractions that can numb the discomfort. You can take up your mobile devices and get to social media platforms and host yourself for as long as you feel like. Conversely, the distractions will not help ease the thoughts; instead, they bury the emotions like sadness or anger for some time, but they eventually erupt. Since you cannot pick and choose what you prefer to numb, you should let yourself cope with the mechanisms, and after the experiences, you can develop happiness.  If you have tried to adapt coping techniques to avoid fear and anxiety, it is time to talk to a life coach who would assist in coming up with effective strategies.

· Complaining too  Much

Engaging in complaints feels excellent and helps to acquire your achievements; however, too much of it is counter-productive. Whenever you think things are out of your control, you can consider tricking your brain into thinking you’re already doing something to solve it. Note that anytime you complain, you are not fixing the problem or issue at hand. 

Your brain cannot register everything that occurs in the surrounding environment, but you have the power to train it on what to absorb or avoid. Training the brain helps look for the basic patterns instead of what you do not like and prefer. Instead, whenever you find yourself complaining, you should focus on redirecting your attention to something positive about the situation. Alternatively, you can look up a plan that would assist in looking for the things you appreciate.

· Starting a Diet plan then Falling off

Taking a strict diet plan requires real sacrifice and routine where you embark on restrictive measures. Severally, you find yourself dieting to avoid being overweight or maintain a particular average. Nevertheless, even though you might dive into a specific plan, eventually tackling huge piles could lead back to the weight gain you were avoiding or what you had already lost. 

Consequently, you can focus on adopting eating habits that would sustain a healthy body weight without necessarily having to cut weight. In case you want to reduce the weight, you should be consistent in the plan without falling off, as the program would turn out to be in vain. Losing your desired weight does for complete deprivation from eating but requires you to build eating patterns.

In final thoughts, you can break off from the bad habits that can either limit or impact your life. Patience and consistency are vital in overcoming the behaviors and living a happy and fruitful life. A life coach will help you make a change and avoid a negative encounter limiting your success and freedom. Once you start the practice, your instincts will allow you to know whether it is positive or negative after one week.

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