How do you become a Life Coach in the UK

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Who is a life coach?

A life coach is a lifestyle expert who guides a group of people or individuals to make their lives worthwhile and exciting. They also give clear guidelines on what to change in life to live a happy and fulfilled life. Most people often confuse a Life Coach and a Therapist. But these are two different people who perform various tasks. Unlike a life coach, a therapist is a skilled person who treats psychological problems by offering therapy.

Have you ever visited a life coach, or do you have one currently? Do you want to become a life coach? Are you looking for some guidelines on how to become a Life Coach in the UK?  Well, don’t fret because, in this article, we got you covered, and we’ll show you the guidelines that will help you in your journey of becoming a life coach.

There is more to doing research and following up on what life coaches do. Maybe you’ve asked some questions, and you feel like, Yeah, I am ready to take up this job. Sorry to burst your bubbles. It doesn’t work like that. A life coach requires education, skills, and training, but that’s not all. Let’s dive in.

The first step you must take to identify your area of interest since there are many types of life coaching.

Types of Life Coach                                                       

  • Addiction Coach. An addiction coach works by helping addicts get through their addictions. For example, alcoholics, sex addicts, gamblers, and any kind of addiction that man struggles with in the face of the world.
  • Business Coach. A business coach helps business owners recognise ability gaps in their business and set clear objectives for the company to reach its goals, succeed and make a profit.
  • Career coach. A career coach’s primary focus is to help people with their career paths by giving them appropriate private guidance and advice.
  • Health coach. A health coach assists individuals in improving their health and their wellbeing. 
  • Money Coach. A money coach helps people make correct decisions regarding money. For example, they teach people how to save, invest and budget appropriately.
  • Relationship Coach. A relationship coach helps people like couples through their relationships or marriage and romantic partnerships. They help people develop Self-confidence and proper communication skills with each other within the relationship.

5 Must-Have Skills to Become a Life Coach in the UK

1.   Know Who You Are

How can you show someone direction when you don’t know yourself? This is why you must know who you are. Identity is the primary skill in life coaching. What does this mean?.

Most of your clients will ask a question like “What do you do as a life coach?” a simple question, right? Many new life coaches fail to answer this question in a simple, understandable way because they don’t know who they are as life coach.

Life coaching is just like any other career. You must identify yourself with it first. You must know your strengths and weaknesses and work on them to ensure that you can deliver 100% in any circumstance.

This also goes to say; you must know what you offer. Also, ask yourself why you become a life coach? Is your motivation the money or the need to help others? The more you get to understand the motive of you becoming a life coach and why you think you are the right candidate for this job, the more you’ll know who you are.

2.   Life coaching passion

Before you indulge in the life coaching world, you must be passionate about helping others first. Your need to help others should be from the heart. Only this way will you understand your clients’ problems and what’s hindering them from success. Being passionate and enthusiastic will also give you the drive to find solutions to your client’s needs and questions.

3.   Be a Great Listener

Life coaching is all about listening to clients. If you don’t have or you don’t master this skill, then you’ll make a terrible life couch. If you want to understand, you must listen. This will help you understand your clients. But not everyone is born a great listener. This is why you must learn and practise the skill if you’re passionate about becoming a life coach.

4.   Do not judge

The world today is full of people who are full of themselves, and when an idea is not in alignment with their beliefs, they tend to judge other people’s intelligence. As a life coach, you cannot judge. Instead, you must be flexible so that you understand your client’s point of view without judgment. Even if your client says things contrary to your beliefs and way of thinking, don’t judge them. Instead, find a way to achieve common ground.

5.   Be curious

You must be curious as a life coach. Curiosity in life coaching will help you find out the exact information you need to offer solutions to your client’s problem. Be sure to ask questions and not just questions but reasonable questions that will help solve a problem and come with outstanding solutions.

6.   Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy, and it’s your weapon as a life coach. Can you be trusted?  Will you keep someone’s secrets?  Let the client know they can trust you. Integrity is essential. Earn the trust of your client. The relationship with the client is based on faith and trust.

7.   Be Keen and Observant

Great coaches know when the client is not comfortable, is in deep thought, or anxious. Only a keen and observant coach will do that and even see when the client is withholding the information.

Therefore you must be keen and observant and focus on your client whenever they express themselves so that you cannot miss anything they say. 

8 Steps on How to Become a Life Coach in the UK

Know what kind of life coach you want to be

Do you want to be a career coach, business coach, health coach, or relationship coach? You must determine what type of coach you want to be. After that,

1.    Get some training on essential life coaching skills

Proper communication is necessary if you want o to become a life coach. Being a life coach requires you to express yourself adequately. It requires excellent self-esteem and self-confidence. That’s why you must invest n basic life coaching skills. 

2.    Learn alternative ways of life coaching

Many coaching sites are available to help you jumpstart your life coaching learning. If you aren’t sure what kind of coaching you want to venture into, do some good research and find what suits you well.

3.    Register for  coaching classes

You should register for coaching classes if you want to become a life coach in the UK. Many schools offer the training you need, and some are available online.

Why is this important?

Taking coaching classes will help you learn how the brain functions, more extraordinary language skills, advanced level of questioning, impact of belief, and necessary conducts of a life coach. Furthermore, you’ll learn generations of new behavior, dealing with criticism, how to solve problems quickly and correctly, and emotional intelligence.

4.    Get additional training 

Becoming a life coach in the UK doesn’t end at taking relevant coaching classes only. You must take things a step further by getting additional training. For example, training on sales and marketing or public speaking. This will help you master your marketing skills so that your business can thrive and you can become an outstanding speaker with command and express yourself to clients properly. 

5.    Learn how to offer structure through the course

A life coach should be able to support their client in finding answers to their problems. This takes more than a month to be achieved. Planning is needed for every session, and sometimes the plans don’t work, and you’ll need to plan again to solve the problem.

6.    Feedback

The steps towards becoming a life coach wouldn’t be complete without mentioning feedback. This goes to say; you should give feedback to your clients throughout the journey and ask your clients for feedback. This will help you determine whether you’re making progress.

The feedback you give shouldn’t be rude or should not be used to show your client you are an expert. It should be clear, helpful, and encouraging.

Make a questionnaire where your clients will write down their understanding of the topic covered in a particular question. Inspire the client to write down a complete bulletin to share their opinions and experiences immediately after they occur and emotions are fresh.

7.     Strategize your transitions

If you want to shift to a life coaching business successfully, you must know the dos and don’ts as much as income is concerned.

Just like we mentioned earlier, you should take additional training in different fields for example handling finance. The anticipation of how much you’ll make will either make or break your ideas. This is where marketing skill comes handy. Transitions in life can offer opportunities for discovery.  


Anyone can become a life coach. There are no rules for becoming one. If you want to be a great life coach in the UK, take your time, go through this article. The gems sprinkled here will help your journey of becoming the best life coach in the UK. Apply the steps on how to become a life coach one by one, and before you know it, you’ll be one of the best. But first, find out why you want to be a life coach and ensure that you major in what you love and are passionate about.