Do I really need a life coach?

Sweet Life Coach - Do I even Need a Life Coach?

You may be at a point in your life where your desires, goals, and personality are not at any point intertwined. You may have switched multiple careers in the recent past. You may have gotten yourself pursuing every skill at your disposal, and you are left undecided where exactly you need to fit. Perhaps all your relationships are downhill, from work to friends and family. Your whole life may be at a standstill, despite your efforts to become better and fulfilled.

Do not worry, all your uncertainties and desire to achieve your goals, regardless of how mixed up they may be, can be addressed by a life coach. A life coach is a wellness professional who helps people clarify their goals, realize obstacles in their goals, and strategically help overcome them. A life coach targets unique skills and talents in people, and helps them acknowledge such while attaining fulfillment in their careers, relationships, and life as a whole.

6 Signs you Need a Life Coach

You are Dissatisfied with your Present Life

There’s nothing as disturbing as not being satisfied with your life. You may be pursuing something, but you do not get the fulfilment it brings. For example, you may land your dream job, work for a couple of months, then realize, “Well, I didn’t sign for this”. Dissatisfaction is often a result of one’s emotional state. Dissatisfaction can also mean being unhappy about your life, career, and relationships. At such a point, you need a life coach.

A life coach can help you establish the core reasons you are unhappy and dissatisfied with your present life. They will help you identify hidden talents that you need to incorporate in your life to get the satisfaction that you desire. Although a life coach is not a therapist, they will still identify some frustrations that you can address or recommend therapy where need be. Is your present life not satisfying? Do you feel you need something more? There is no doubt you need a life coach to help you move forward and start experiencing a sense of fulfilment in your life.

You feel lost

Have you ever felt completely out of place? It could be in your career, in family meetings, or at a friend’s party? Perhaps you have recently noticed that you try so hard to fit in. Feeling lost is not wrong. It is normal, even the most successful people felt lost at some point in their lives.

It could be that you have been changing jobs more often than required and are unsure when to finally settle for a good job. You may have been on a job search for years without success yet all your friends, even those with the least qualifications, are employed and seem to fit in. You need a life coach. A life coach can help you set your goals, pursue an action plan, and do a thorough follow-up to see you succeed in your life. Often, a life coach is very objective and will help you strategically plan your life.

You have trouble to focus

Have you recently been having too many ongoing projects to focus on? You may be the kind of person who starts multiple projects at the same time with the hope of achieving your set target in vain. You could either end up producing less quality work or do not finish at all. Your focus is stuck and you need a life coach.

A life coach can help you not only become better at focusing at work but also help you create a life-long focused habit. Trouble focusing does not only entail work-related situations. Perhaps you have trouble focusing on sustainable relationships in your social life. It could be that you are easily distracted when pursuing your set goals. Here, you need a life coach. A life coach, therefore, shall intentionally and strategically help you stay organized, stay focused, and see you achieve your dreams.

There is a change in your life

Sometimes bad and good happen that you feel you are unsure of the next steps of your life. They say change is inevitable. Good change is always healthy and welcome, but what about bad change? In both situations, you need a life coach.

Positive change is what most people want in their lives. While it may be exciting to get a promotion at work, such a change can be met with disorienting and challenging moments. Moving to a managerial position, for example, may require you to work more hours than normal. Your family life is bound to change. Adapting to such a change and finding balance will require you to have a life coach.

Whether a business you have invested so much in suddenly failed or you are having trouble adjusting to your kids’ absence while in college, you will experience moments of grief and despair. While most people may want to keep it low-key, the time taken to go through a terrible change is reduced if you have a professional life coach by your side. A life coach will listen to you, help you adjust appropriately, and strategize moving forward steps to your benefit.

You Want to be More Decisive

Did you all of a sudden feel your decisions are uncertain? Perhaps you have noticed you have been missing lifetime opportunities because you are unable to make stable decisions. It could be that your confidence levels are downhill and more often than not your judgment is clouded. It is time you got a life coach.

A life coach will help you understand the different dynamics in your decision-making. A life coach will use their professional experience to help you in your decision-making process while pointing out things that are limiting your levels of confidence altogether. Are you faced with conflicting decisions to make? Stop worrying about situations that you could easily get through by having a session with a life coach.

You have bad habits that are destructing your life

Habits can be very hard to change. There are good and bad habits. When you have a less satisfying life, you may notice that you have some bad habits that often distract your progress. Procrastination, for example, limits many people from becoming good time managers. You may have a habit of delegating most of your family duties such that your absence is notoriously felt. Sometimes you may realize that consulting friends and family to help you change your habits is fruitless. You need to find a life coach regardless of the magnitude of your bad habit.

Bad habits are destructive to your personal life as a whole. Good coaching will help you identify, if you do not know yet, and work towards eliminating the bad habit in your career, family, and relationship life.

Final Thoughts

States of uncertainty are normal in life. Feelings of dissatisfaction in all spheres of life are prone to occur regardless of your dreams, goals, and status. When faced with major changes, good and bad, you may realize that everything seems overwhelming and you are unable to move forward. You may have self doubts and think you are not good enough in that business, family life, or life as a whole. Instead of battling with unanswered questions, disordered plans, feelings of anxiety, and a whole mix of life ahead of you seek a life coach.

A life coach can professionally help people find balance in their lives and strategically achieve their dreams. Whatever dreams you have, a life coach can hold your hand through it all. But a coach will not completely fix or solve the mess in your life. As the name highlights, a life coach will “coach” you through the main spheres of your life. It is your responsibility to take the coaching seriously and take action. Begin by finding a good life coach today.