A Session with a Life Coach

Coaching Session - Sweet Life Coach

Each time I walk into my life coach’s office, I am almost sure that my fears will become a thing of yesterday. That wasn’t so hard to say, after all. Yes, I have been seeing a life coach for the last three months, and this investment is probably one of the best decisions I will ever make for my personal growth.

I know what you are thinking; life coaches are the most prominent scam artists. I was once in your shoes, imagining them shaping my life while their lives are not in order. But the fact is I could not enhance my internal capacity without those sessions.

I was not a messed-up being, but still, I wasn’t in a good place. That’s not something I would brag about on my first date. Today I am thankful for I feel immensely confident in my life, career, and health.

Leaving all the worries behind to embark on a new journey where I am aware of whom I am, what I want, finding my inner peace, happiness, and personal development is exponentially gratifying.

Have you ever felt like you need to be pushed a little harder in the right direction? Or could you use some advice? Are you frustrated and stuck in an unfulfilling career? Stop living like you are selling your soul to earn a decent position in your life. Take the leadership of your entire life. You could benefit from a life coach who is capable of sparking change in your life.

You have already made an appointment with your coach but still, feel weird. Out of experience, let me show you how a session with a life coach looks like. Note:  life coaches can be different.

What Does a Session with a Life Coach Look Like?

On my first day, I calmly sat on the couch opposite Jenniffer, my life coach. I have been here for almost an hour, and I am unsure why I booked an appointment. Unfortunately, I don’t want to talk about my shortcomings. She is scribbling something in her notebook. I whisper to myself, “are they all some spiritual gurus?”

After a few sessions, I am an open book. I completely perceive my challenges and objectives. Let’s talk about Jenniffer and other life coaches’ steps to help clients like me out in a session.

●     Creating a Coaching Agreement

Like me, the negativity of a client tends to be severe in the first session, and a coach starts by setting a positive atmosphere in the communication process. Life coaching is an alliance between you and the coach, so results should be jointly agreed upon, starting with your desires, assisted freely by the coach.

According to ICF Core Competencies PDF, “understanding what needed requirements in the precise coaching interaction and coming to an agreement  with the prospective and new client about the coaching process and relationship.”

A coaching agreement is a formality that happens in two ways:

  1. Life coaching clients are given a clear outline of expectations regarding appoints, payments, and what life coaching is and isn’t.
  2. A coaching agreement should take place as applied to the particular session. The coach should outline your accomplishments.

The agreement is established for every session that is specific to that season. Finally, a life coach should ask the clients questions according to the ICF standards for life coaching.

A life coach may ask you what you want to accomplish during the session. Your life coach uses active listening to make sure your goals are understood. They may seek more information from you to establish some measure of success during the session.

●     A Goal or  Outcome of the Session is Set

At this point, your coach should invite you to visualise your desired result. It is essential to trust and be open. The connection between you and your coach is crucial. To be successful, you must answer every challenging, provoking, inspiring, powerful and supportive question.

When you are transparent and honest, the coaching process will be effective and take a shorter time. The coach will start addressing your thinking pattern to help you see you lost power or how you got stuck.

You will feel vulnerable with your life coach but will begin to see yourself through the coach’s eye.

●     Consequential Coaching Begins

The coach will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Your life coach will aid you in learning to understand before you are understood. When you see yourself in the coach’s eyes, you start detecting what is disempowering you.

You can see the new light from afar, and you vividly know that change just is needed. Now, you do have the capacity and wisdom within yourself to go through this transition. The coach will help you to be kind to yourself and be willing to forgive yourself. And it’s time to believe that you are you and not a problem to be fixed.

●     Key Outcomes

To accomplish your goals, you must undergo significant change. I was nervous when I got to this stage. Are you ready to close the old doors and open new ones?  It will take intentional effort, and your coach will stand with you as you turn the doorknobs.

Learning doesn’t stop here, recognise a new awareness and how it will support you going forward. Don’t forget to summarise your actions, commitments, or even perspective shifts.

●     Accountability

Your coach will partner with you to hold on to the promises you made to yourself. Create micro-goals and celebrate the little wins. When you acknowledge an achievement, however small it is, then the next step is more manageable.

Your willingness to stretch beyond your comfort zone will determine how successful you will be. It is easy to set goals, dream about them, feel good about them, but it takes a lot of effort to follow through. Here, your coach will invite some assignments, but he will ask you to hold yourself accountable for your goals at—end of the session.

How will Life Coaching Work for You?

Coaching works best if you are fully engaged and open to new ways of thinking. You must also be willing to take responsibility for what will happen to your life in the future. Life Coaching is an investment, so you don’t want to waste your resources there. Set and achieve your goals.

Avoid distractions along the way. Create self-awareness, gain new perspectives, critically think, accept challenges, inspirations, and support. Coaching will help you improve your ability to learn from mistakes and failures. It will be simpler to upgrade your social skills and strengthen your relationships.

Don’t expect the coach to give you answers; a coach will support your thinking and open your eyes. The coach will walk with you while you become more aware and find your solutions and ideas. Your coach will hand you the tools and strategies to learn and grow.


I am still getting the most out of my coaching because it is evident how it has enriched my life. Day in day out, I can see more clearly the abundance in my life. There is clarity in my life, and I am ready to reach new levels.